Explain How A Working Relationship Is Different From A Personal Relationship

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1.1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship In the day to day activities there are different relationship that affect and contribute to our lives some of which are the working relationship and personal relationship. There is a difference between a working relationship and personal relationship. A working relationship is the type of relationship that is developed in a work environment, it is a relationship with work colleague and work environment where you working within a guideline, code of practice and a common goal. Working relationship is the relationship you have with the service user which is not personal but professional, for example even though you see a service user daily and spend more time with them than your friends, it is against policy to become personally involve with them by sharing your personal information with them or going out with them like you will a friend. A personal relationship is the type of relationship that could be long term which you have with a friend, family members, a social group or a partner who you are romantically…show more content…
Providing care daily for an individual is a joint process which can involves GPs, social services, nurses, care agencies and the care givers. For example I work in partnership with a GP by following the instruction given about medication for the service user or in partnership with the social service by providing care to an individual according to the care plan set out by them. So it is very important to have a good working partnership with others as this will enable the achievement of high quality care service and meet the goals set
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