Explain How Adults Can Influence Young People's Behaviour

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Your class has listened to a radio discussion about how adults can be a good influence on younger people. You have made the notes below: Ways adults can influence how younger people behave:  giving rules 
  setting an example 
  offering advice 
 Some opinions expressed in the discussion: “Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules!” “If you admire somebody, you try to behave like them.” “Young people don’t always listen.” Write an essay discussing two of the ways in your notes that adults can influence younger people’s behaviour. You should explain which way you think is more effective, giving reasons to support your opinion. You may, if you wish, make use of the opinions expressed in the discussion, but you should use your own words as far as possible.…show more content…
To solve these problems parents try to use various ways of influence on their children. Some of them are effective, some are not, it is very individual and depends on the character of the teenager. Moreover, it is age of storm-and-stress that causes much misunderstanding. According to the scientific research, teenagers with proper upbringing have fewer problems with their parents and generation gap is not so noticeable in these families, contrary to children from dysfunctional families who suffer from the lack of parental care, misunderstanding and indifference. First and most effective way of influence in young people’s behavior is giving a good example. There are cases when parents give their children negative examples by smoking, quarrelling, fighting and even beating each other in front of a child. However, if parents give a good example to their children they may become idols for them and their children will try to behave the same way as their parents to be the same successful, kind and to live prosperous. Adults have more experience, they are wisdom that is why younger people should listen to them and learn on their
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