Explain The Importance Of The Interaction Between Children And Adults

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Throughout play adults can support children in various ways for example by looking at their interests while playing and also recognising their needs. While watching the children adults look at various tips to understand each child individually.
Firstly they look at whether the child is interested in the play for example looking at whether they seem ‘away with the fairies or engaged’. This is important for a child to improve throughout their child hood. Therefore if they are not engaged then the adults have to come up with another way for child to learn the same skills as other children without separating them from everyone to make them feel different. This can be dealt with by them talking to parents and the child after school to come up with a possible outcome for either the child to have 1 to 1 with an adult to see to their individual needs or if they’re not feeling to well on that day to be able to concentrate.
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This is important so that the staff know how long it takes to do a particular activity for the children to do it correctly and to the best of their ability. Therefore watching the children engage in an activity and time them to they go off task will allow the staff to come up with a day routine so that the children know what they are doing and are able to stay engaged. Therefore by watching the children it allows them to see who comes off task first so that they know when to stop the activity so that the first child doesn’t feel different to the rest of the other children. Therefore doing activities for example for half an hour then going to do outdoor play will allow the children to have a break from a activity which they can then later return to throughout the day without getting
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