Acceleration Of A Trolley On An Inclined Surface

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Research Question How an external force, in this case gravity, affects the acceleration of a trolley while on an inclined surface at different angles?
An inclined surface essentially means that the surfaces angle is less than 1800. When the trolley is put on the top of this inclined surface we will measure the time taken by the car to reach the bottom and from that data we will find out the acceleration.
I think that the trolley’s acceleration will increase due to the fact that the trolley is on an inclined surface. Objects tend to accelerate when going down an inclined surface. This happens because of the unbalanced force acting upon the object. This force is called Gravity, Gravity pulls everything to the center of the Earth, similarly when the inclined surface is tilted this force will act on the trolley and because it moves downwards the acceleration
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Place all the materials in the appropriate places.
2. Measure the angle of the inclined surface and ensure the angle is 200.
3. Make sure the blocks are there to support the inclined surface.
4. Have someone place and hold the trolley on the top of the inclined surface.
5. Have the second person to stop the trolley at the end of inclined surface.
6. Have a third person with the stop watch.
7. Let the person with the stopwatch count down.
8. Then after the count down the person releases the trolley.
9. After the trolley’s rear wheels leaves inclined surface stop the stop watch.
10. Record data.
11. Repeat the same experiment with increasing the angle by 50 each time.
1. Make sure to have a supported incline plane because if not the inclined surface can drop and injure your hand.
2. Make sure a safe distance is kept from the inclined plane as this can injury people.
3. Be prudent when stopping the trolley as car can injure you because of the speed of the

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