Explain How Bad Childhood Experiences Negatively Affect Adulthood

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Bad childhood experiences negatively affect adulthood. The effects of bad childhood experiences build up and may impact their child’s life, and can traumatize the child that is ongoing and long-lasting.
Divorce can introduce a big change into the child’s life no matter the age. Having to witness the loss of love between the parents, arguing, and the getting into divorce can change their child’s behavior and often make them feel depressed. A research on children and divorce it states that children from divorced parents suffer physically and academically. They can experience high levels of behavioral problems at school, their grades drop and they are less likely to graduate from their school. Children from divorced homes suffer more frequently from symptoms of psychological distress and the emotional scars of divorce last
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Victims may feel significant distress and display a wide range of psychological symptoms, both short and long-term. In short-term, victims may experience sleep, eating and perform problems. They may perform problems at school, and may not participate in school or social activities. In longer-term effects may be fear and social anxiety. Victims may experience difficulties in adult relationships and adult sexual functioning. At the age of about 8, I was a victim of child sexual abuse by a family member while I was trying to sleep and I did not tell my parents or anyone else. When it actually happens to you, it is very hard to even tell your parents, your life turns upside down and experience a lot of trust issues. When this happens to young children or young adults, it may be really hard for them to tell a parent because they do not know how they are going to react or simply because they do not know to tell them. Years may past by and they may still not say anything about it. Up until adulthood, victims may experience flashbacks and may experience all the feelings again which they felt at the

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