Explain How Can Cloning Solve World Hunger

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How can cloning help solve world hunger?
World hunger has been a widely spread problem all around the world The whole issue is that hunger exists in rich, wealthy countries as well as in poor countries. 795 million people do not have enough to eat, which is 1 out of 9 people. World hunger affects people in big cities, small towns and rural areas. Hunger is at its worst in Asia, where 525.6 million people don’t have enough food. It does not matter if you are a child or an adult, world hunger affects almost everybody. Not surprisingly, hunger is most present in poor communities around the world because poverty prevents people from buying or producing healthy food. 98% of people suffering from hunger live in still developing countries. I propose
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First you would isolate the nucleus from a non-reproductive cell of an adult donor. The isolated nucleus contains the complete genetic material of the organism, which you will need in the process of cloning. 2. Retrieve reproductive egg cells from a female. Not all of the eggs will survive thought cloning, which is why many eggs are needed.
3. Remove the egg cell's nucleus, which contains only one-half of the creature's genetic material.
4. Insert the nucleus, with its complete genetic material, isolated from the donor mammal in Step 1 into the egg cell that has no nuclear material.
5. Place the egg into a female creature's womb, an alternate mother. Only a small percentage of eggs placed in the womb will start to mature. When the offspring is born, it is a genetically identical clone of the donor sheep.

When cloning, the main focus is not to create more of the chosen animal, because reproduction is not a problem. In most cases the animal reproduces enough, but when there is a specific one which is supplies a lot of meat and has a healthy organism with no problems, they can make multiple clones of that specific animal. If it supplies with more meat than another one, when they clone it tons of times, there will be a lot more than they could get if they cloned a regular

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