Explain How College Is Stressful Essay

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College is Stressful College, what an exciting yet stressful experience! A higher education can provide opportunities in the job market as competition becomes increasingly difficult. Many college students experience significant stress maintaining balance between college, work, and family. This constant balancing act often creates a feeling of overwhelm. As a thirty-plus year old student working full-time and provider to a family of seven, my personal experience attests that college causes stress. College stress can escalate when you consider the impact on personal finances, work priorities and relationships. Attending college by itself is very stressful and personal finances attribute to the increase in stress. A student must worry…show more content…
Whether single or married, the stress of attending college often burdens relationships with family and friends. Time and flexibility to engage in social activities you once participated in become a lesser priority now with homework. This can create some friction with friends and family members that do not understand why you suddenly have disappeared off the face of the planet. Having your own family and kids while attending college can make life even more stressful. I love my family and I would not change anything about them for the world, but combined with college and work it can all become incredibly overwhelming. For example, once my eight-hour workday comes to an end then I begin to head home and take on the family tasks. The next six to eight hours of the evening typically consist of picking up the kids, taking them to after school activities, cooking supper, helping with their homework and having some family time before bed. Trying to squeeze in some time for my own homework becomes a challenge. In the evenings, my wife will put the kids to bed and I often hear “Daddy, I want daddy!” This usually occurs just when I start digging deep into my homework assignments for the week. Knowing the importance of a good husband and dad, I set aside my computer and head into their rooms for bedtime snuggles. I then find myself falling asleep and often waking up with the obnoxious sound of the alarm going off and then feel
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