Why Did Humans Survive The Ice Age Essay

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Ashraf 1 Alia Ashraf Mrs. Nahla Amin English 18 February 2016 How did humans survive the ice age? Ice ages are long periods of time in which Earth is covered with thick ice sheets called glaciers. This period can stay for thousands or millions of years. The oceans and seas are frozen and the temperature is cooled. Also many sources of fresh water were locked behind those ice sheets. The most recent ice age was about 10,000 years ago. Those ice sheets covered Antarctica, most of Europe, North America, South America, and parts of Asia. Humans still existed in this period of time. They proved their existence through their drawings on caves. They often drew animals and events that happened to them. They knew the animals that existed at that time and how to protect themselves. They used a lot of materials that helped them survive. In addition, they had different types of food that they required in order to keep themselves warm. They knew how to find the best shelter and how to protect from other creatures. Since …show more content…

Some of the animals were known as their partners such as dogs which were sometimes used to pull loads and equipment. In return they were fed and taken care of. Other animals were dangerous to humans and humans made sure they protected themselves from them such as the mammoth, and the saber-toothed cats. Dogs sometimes protected humans from other animals. Humans usually protected themselves from those animals by hunting them. They used traps and stone knives as animals present during the ice age were giants and very dangerous. For example, beavers were three times its size now. The saber-toothed cats were very dangerous as their teeth were very huge and sharp. All animals present in this period were covered with huge amounts of furs and humans hunted them for their fur as

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