Explain How Dirty Rugs Affect People With Allergies

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How Dirty Rugs Affect People with Allergies
It’s no surprise that placing a beautifully designed rug in the middle of your living room elevates your home’s interior aesthetic. However, if you don’t clean it regularly, the rug will get dirty and affect your property’s healthy indoor environment. Since a dirty rug’s texture is shaggy, it attracts a lot of miniscule debris like dust, dirt, and fur. It also becomes a serious health hazard for individuals who have allergies, asthma, and weak immune systems because of these two reasons:
Traps Allergens and Irritants
Dirty rugs are ideal habitats and hiding places for mold, mites, and insects. Due to the rug’s filthy fibers, allergens and irritants have an easier time burrowing in the material. Dust
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These particles can circulate throughout your property – accidentally being ingested, inhaled, or come in contact with unknowing individuals. Because of this, people have a higher risk developing respiratory and skin ailments in your building. If you don’t get rid of the filth on your rug quickly, the following health problems can ensue:
• Breathing difficulties
• Constant irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat
• Athlete’s foot
• Skin asthma
• Chronic itching
Clean Your Rugs Before It Starts Affecting You
Cleaning your rug regularly is the best way to prevent it from being a detriment to your health. By habitually vacuuming or sending it over to professional rug cleaners, particles that are caught in the fibers are instantly removed. Plus, giving your rug a deep clean improves its quality and makes it look as good as new.
If your rugs in your Boston, Massachusetts property are starting to look dusty and emit bad odors, contact Kennedy Carpets today. We offer premier rug cleaning services to various types of rugs, including:
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• Leather shag
• Silk
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• Oriental
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