In What Ways Do Children Acquire Reading Vocabulary

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1. How do children acquire reading vocabulary? What are the levels of knowing a word? There are many different ways to acquire reading vocabulary for children:
- Reading to children (reading aloud books and other materials that have some new words)
- Getting children reading (engage children in activities to encourage independent reading: children are learning new vocabulary words through independent reading)
- Engaging children in rich oral language (children are learning new words through talk, specially when they are listening and participating in high-level conversation)
- Encouraging reading at home (sending books and interactive activities at home)
- Raising words awareness (teachers have to draw children attention and interest to words around them by playing with words using the games or songs)
- Teaching important words (teachers have to choose new words to teach
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Describe some teaching strategies that can be used to explicitly teach vocabulary. Vocabulary knowledge is critical to reading comprehension. There are different effective strategies that teachers can use with different age students:
- Pre-teaching new words (teaching new words prior to the new reading experience; the teacher before to teach a new content has to determine new words by previewing reading materials, define and discuss the meaning of these words with students)
- Keyword method (new words are introduces before reading by giving students a word clue – a part of word definition, or illustration)
- Word maps (the teacher determines words to be taught, for each word child has to make a graphic organizer)
- Root analysis (the teacher is focusing on teaching the commonly occurring part of the words – suffixes, prefixes, roots; when students are able to break sown words into parts they are able to determine words’ meaning)
- Rearrangement of reading material (the teacher can replace the difficult words with the easier ones to help students to comprehend

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