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How “ Modern Living ” influence our behavior Before going to explain the impacts of modern living in our lives, I would like to open the view of old-fashioned living where there was no Internet. In a few past decades, people would visit each other due to any circumstances like Christmas. These reunions cause them to share their real feelings and reinforce the communication skills. No cell phone addiction at that time. When it comes down to playing games, My parents always tell me that they would gather and play with cards or games that need more activities like soccer. In the past, people would longer than nowadays - citizens. Although in the past, people had some problems and difficulties, it’s not more than what urban citizens face with.…show more content…
A family is based on enjoyment, calmness, being with each other; in the other words, sharing the emotions next to each other. What I expressed now was more realistic if I would state them 5 years ago or so. However, the phones — social media to be exact — have taken away these fundamentals. People have more stress and in the following more diseases like cancer, brain tissue damage, and lots of other illnesses (Schnarr ). People don’t live they just alive. People don’t enjoy their moments of living. According to Rana Dasgupta, “ More eyes than before will; however, see nothing fresher than the screens of their own smartphones ”. Imagine that out of 12 months of a year, you only have summer, and you have the opportunity to free yourself from any stress — not really. What I understood from her article was people want to prove to everyone that they did something or traveled somewhere ( less than 3 months ). The applications like Facebook or Instagram allows the users to do such a thing which only is meaningful when the person dies ( Dasgupta ). Ultimately, I think we should separate family from technology, and what I mean by that is when you are spending your time with family “ Modern Living ” should be switched to “ Old-fashioned ” in order to enjoy the time. All in all, modern living influences our lives in lots of ways. It can eliminate or decrease the communication level of each individual, or it forces the citizens to obtain more new skills which are demanded by the
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