Explain How Does The Composition Of Sea Water Comparison With Fresh Seawater

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Question #1a: Provide a thorough description of the contents of ocean water. The contents of ocean water is that it is very salty. The salt in the ocean water comes from many different types of rocks on land. How the salt from rocks is that when rain falls down on land the rain will slowly erode the rock. How that is happening is the acid in the rain erodes the rock but it is not dangerous acid to us humans. When the rock gets eroded then it turns into ions which is an atom or molecule. When these ions are made they get carried away rivers or runoff streams and they usually end in the ocean. When these ions end up in the ocean they dissolved and there is two ions, chloride and sodium and they take up 90 percent out of all the dissolved ions in the ocean. Chloride and sodium are salty so that is why there is a lot of salt in the ocean. As you can see here chloride has a big average amount there is in the ocean and sodium has a big average too and the other ions it’s not so much as chloride and sodium.1) 2)
1b: How does the composition of seawater compare with fresh water? The composition of seawater compared with freshwater is that seawater has a lot of salt in it and freshwater has only a little salt. Seawater has many different ions like Bromide, Borate,
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The ocean doesn’t only absorb the sun’s radiation and store it, it also helps distribute all the heat it stored around the globe. This process is called evaporation which takes many steps to do. Ocean water is constantly evaporating which is increasing the temperature of the surrounding air to form rain and storms which then they get carried by the winds. How the oceans evaporated is by the sun which is a part of how the heat get distribute around the globe and the wind helps

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