Explain How Effective Communication With Children

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Working as a teacher assistant means displaying a modelling behaviour towards children, young people and adults. Modelling behaviour can be reflected by several ways but our behaviour and communication are the first reflection of our personality and image. School are the first institutes children come to meet new friends and skills to tackle them individually. Effective communication is a two way process, it involves how we say and how considerately we listen to the other person. It is very important to listen to the child even though it doesn 't make sense because that 's how you are building confidence and self esteem in him or her which will help him later with other peers. Developing healthy and effective relationships with children means they feel consent…show more content…
There are multiple ways of keeping healthy relationships either with children and young people or adults. You should create such environment that everybody should feel comfortable in. In an average classroom there are many children from different backgrounds and it is not an easy task to maintain a balanced atmosphere. First of all, you should communicate in the easiest and simplest way and make sure children communicate with each other positively. All the rules should be set out in a simple way, so people don 't get confused. At this tender age, children are very emotional and when these situations occur handle it tactfully. When a child is upset you should take him/her out of class and listen to him/her very carefully. Body language is very important, so while listening to the child, lower yourself to their level of height. You should always listen to them before giving advice on what to do. Giving time individually will help the child gain importance. Gather up enough information for example remember their name and some small stuff about them. Be concerned about their feelings, make them feel valued and
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