Hindu Fundamentalism Case Study

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1. Explain how ‘Establishment Buddhism’ does not seem to run in conflict with modern capitalist development in Thailand. What modern developments do however cause concern amongst traditional Buddhists? Modern capitalist development and establishment Buddhism in Thailand can be seen through its modern productive capabilities which are vastly connected to its ancient history. As well as establishment Buddhism that is reinforced by Thailand’s ancient kingdoms that are rooted in Siamese history. Therefore, E .F. Schumacher’s argument in regard to Buddhist economics that contrasts with post-Christian and the communist west materialist economies illustrates how conflict doesn’t arise between establishment Buddhism and modern capitalist development…show more content…
Scholars argue that Hinduism is more of an adherence to a way of life which incorporates a particular social system and not any specific religious philosophy. Religious fundamentalism can be seen as black and white thinking from a sociologist perspective. As well as the definition according to the English Oxford Living dictionary states “a form of a religious belief in the strict and literal interpretation of a sacred text that goes back to the fundamental basics of its teachings.” Which the core of fundamentalism is concerned with the erosion of religion and its proper role in society. Therefore, scholars argue that Hinduism doesn’t embrace any central church, or central dogma, and has no religious fundamentals that can be used to identify and/or organize a fundamentalist movement. Which leads them to say it is a contradiction of the term. Although, Hinduism can be seen in the context of fundamentalism since it could be defined as version of syncretic fundamentalism. Which takes into account when the ethno-cultural or ethno-national feature takes precedence over religion and/or are inseparable. With characteristics that are rooted in mobilization, and not directed primarily toward and/or against modernization or secularization. Which current leaders are a part of the Hindu Nationalist
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