Explain How Far Has Transport And Infrastructure Change And Affected The Economy

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Global Perspectives: Individual Research Transport and Infrastructure- How far has transport and infrastructure change and affected the economy? Throughout the years, transport and infrastructure has drastically changed over time which makes it easier for people in terms of transport. As for infrastructure, from towering skyscrapers to famous shopping malls it has brought in tourists increasing the country’s economic status rate. Global Perspectives a) South Korea South Korea railway systems extend to 6,240 kilometers. The largest operater among them Korail controlled by the Korail Rail Network Authority which links Seoul and Daejeon. And advanced and modern infrastructure will expand over the first 20 years of the 21st century. b) Japan Seven Japan Railways Group companies, state-owned until 1987 covering most parts of Japan creating over 27,182 kilometers railways in total. Whereas Japan’s GPIF to invest $2.7 billion in infrastructure thus is under pressure its strategy and reduce holdings of domestic bonds. c) Germany Germany Autobahn features…show more content…
Not only will it create peace between countries it will also benefit a developing countries problems in terms of transportation and infrastructure. Architectural companies can bring aid to such projects and thus new ideas will be brought out and improvements that are to be implemented. Finally, based on transportation such taxis and other means of transport, countries can commercially offer strategies in order to provide a safe destination for citizens. Such as implementing strategies and insuring the condition of railway stations, ferry and ship limitations to prevent any capsizing, taxi and bus vehicle conditions in order to prevent any unwanted situations that can happen during the whole

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