Explain How Federalism Work To Prevent Tyranny

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How does federalism work to prevent tyranny?

The United States was established on flaws and chaos that make it mature rapidly. Just leaving the motherland of Great Britain like a rebellious teenager looking to start a life on its own. The United States stumble on the Articles of Confederations but had to pick themselves up quickly. Not only did the United States create a nation they established the guidelines for the world. The creation of the Constitution expressed all their hatred for tyranny and the solum goal was to prevent tyranny in the United States. The United states established three branches the executive, legislative, and judicial. They keep each other within their limitations with the distribution of power. The federal and
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The powers create a venn diagram where in the middle both the national and states government share similar powers. The enumerated powers are simply the laws that are stated in the Constitution. The reserved powers are the powers the states have the right to establish since they have not been established in the Constitution. Finally the concurrent powers are the ones that are established by both the national and state government a great example are taxes. An example of a reserved powers is the law applied to California drivers that required a smog test. A smog check must be renewed every two years to ensure the safety of California air. California has some of the strictest smog laws that most other states don 't require. An example of concurrent powers are taxes. The state government choose not to apply sale taxes to states like Delaware, Montana, Oregon and New Hampshire. Then there are the national taxes that all the states must pay like tobacco tax and gas tax. The enumerated powers are the powers that only the national government can complete like coin money and provide a army. The distribution of powers allows each level to obtain power without one gaining too much power and limiting the power of
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