Explain How Internal And External Factors Influence Recruitment

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How Internal and External Factors Influence Recruitment The Role of Recruitment Recruitment is an important process holding the power to define the future of the company. It can make or break the company’s success building strategy. There is no doubt recruiting the right candidate acts as the building blocks to take the company to the next level of achievements. In achieving a milestone, the role of recruitment cannot be neglected. Factors Influencing Recruitment Realizing the importance of recruitment, it’s essential to understand what factors effects the process. There are certain factors which are involved to influence the functionality of the recruitment process and eventually affect the performance and outputs. If you want the recruitment process to work best for you and give the results as predicted, you must consider the factors first. Internal and External Factors…show more content…
Unemployment Rate The employment rate has a strong impact on the recruitment process. Higher unemployment rate increases the applicants against the job opening. The firms can hire their perfect candidate on their own terms. So it makes the recruitment process simple. Lower rate will give the firms tough time to attract desired candidate with benefits. 2. Competition The competition in the specific area increases the difficulties to find the candidate perfectly fit in your organizational needs. With higher competition, the candidate’s will have more choices and harder for the companies to attract the candidate. The competitors approach and policies are also counted to redefine the recruitment process. 3. Labour Laws There are few laws implemented in the labour market on government level. There are obligations which are influencing the industry. For instance we see some reserved seats for specific gender, age group, location of the people. The circumstances and employment conditions around the location of the organization also matters. 4.

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