The Importance Of Relationship In Education

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1. Please provide an example of how you nurture the competencies of children:

As educators, we strive to build our students to be responsible, and active lifelong learners. In order accomplish this, we must build meaningful relationships with our students, be excellent role models and allow our students to become critical thinkers.
A good teacher is someone with whom you can trust, respect and build a relationship. Many students can’t learn if there is no solid relationship built with each student personally and with the class as a whole. That is why it is important to build meaningful relationships with our students because no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.
My beliefs can have a huge influence on my students and through learned behaviour individuals can acquire these behaviours on how to act toward certain people, social situations and environments. Thus, as role models, we must demonstrate to our students how to act in a well behaved manner because they look up to us and they unconsciously mimic us. As an educator, not
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During my time there, I have noticed how the vast majority of individuals have problems with math and literacy. Students are unable to perform simple math questions and construct grammatically correct sentences. Many of the students get frustrated and do not enjoy math or literacy tasks. I constantly collaborate with staff and the educational director, in order to identify improvements, change curriculum books and challenge our students to grow. As a result, I can huge improvements not only in their academic performance but their perception of school and show them that learning is fun! This experience has truly brought a smile on my face because I know that my success is through my students’ success. Hence, collaboration and constant communication is

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