How Has Life Shaped The Earth Essay

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Moreover, the Outer Core generates the Earth’s magnetic field and protects the earth from asteroids collision.
By studying the interior of the Earth we can find out more about the earth surface and prevent damage caused by earth surface changes.

Question 5: Why does Earth have plate tectonics and continents?
Convection in the mantle is derived by heat release and convection from the Earth core.
It drives plate tectonic motions of continents and the sea floor. The continents are formed after continental crust, formed from igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Oceanic crust is denser than the continental crust, therefore, at convergent margins, the continental crust remains at the surface while the oceanic plate is pushed down. Then the continental crust reinforced and gets thinker by the lava from subduction zone volcanoes.
Question 6: How
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In most of the recent four billion years, the temperature of the earth’s surface has remained within a relatively narrow range. However, climate did change suddenly and extremely in the past. Studying extremes Earth's climate may lead enhancement of climate models which enable experts to predict the magnitude and consequences of climate change, a popular topic in recent decades.
Question 8: How has life shaped Earth—and how has Earth shaped life?
It is elusive to say how life and earth affect each other. How life oxygenate the atmosphere and reshape the earth surface by erosion and weathering and the relation between geological events, mass extinctions and the course of evolution are topic that scientists are interested. By studying these, how to protect the earth and life will be found.
Question 9: Can earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and their consequences be predicted?
It is still impossible for scientists to predict when and where an earthquake will happen exactly although there is progress used to estimate the probability of future

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