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Changes are regularly being monitored by the NHS to ensure its policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice are suitable and precise to the changing ethnic, financial and cultural backgrounds of the population.
The health and Social Care Act 2012 stands as the most common legislation guiding the health and social care field within the UK. It offers for the most widespread reorganization of the structure of the National Health Service in England. It allows policies for managers within the health and social care sector, professional responsibility which will empower them. The clients to be the center of the NHS and changing the emphasis of measurement to clinical outcomes, which is all relevant for the Fleetwood Hall Home.
This act ensures
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It sets out the requirements for the planning system only to the extent that it is appropriate, equal and necessary to do so. Policies and procedures will be created in Fleetwood Hall Home in line with national policy requirements so that best care can be distributed based on an individual’s personal conditions.
Policies and procedures are established at an organization with the aim of guiding the staff and management to advance and work. National policies are recommended by recognizing and keeping the broader picture of people’s needs in mind while local policies are developed to address the needs and requirements of certain specific group of people residing in an area. For emerging policies and procedures that cater the needs of local people in best possible way at the Fleetwood Hall Home, the main requirement is to identify these individual needs, grading these needs as per importance and priority and then finally looking for national policies that can be applied to address them efficiently (Kilbane & Thompson,

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