Unit 8 Health And Social Care Essay

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Changes are regularly being monitored by the NHS to ensure its policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice are suitable and precise to the changing ethnic, financial and cultural backgrounds of the population. The health and Social Care Act 2012 stands as the most common legislation guiding the health and social care field within the UK. It offers for the most widespread reorganization of the structure of the National Health Service in England. It allows policies for managers within the health and social care sector, professional responsibility which will empower them. The clients to be the center of the NHS and changing the emphasis of measurement to clinical outcomes, which is all relevant for the Fleetwood Hall Home. This act ensures that the policies have a specific standard and delivers a greater voice for the client’s health and safety by providing a better patient-centered approach. This will result in higher accessibility of care and improved health and social care competence. The Health and Social care act 2008 introduced the code of practice for healthcare and adult care for the prevention and control of infection. Some of…show more content…
As a manager in Fleetwood Hall Home I would assess the need for each policy, making sure they are suitable and effective for the home. Following that, the selected or suggested policies need to be screened to weigh the pros and cons of their applications and in case, they are found apt, then must be adopted as soon as possible I would do this by researching the best practice for ways to implement the polices and developing a plan that once has been drafted and edited would be sent for approval. An essential part of developing policies is making the staff understand the importance of them and training them to follow these newly developed
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