Explain How Logistic Is A Competitive Edge In FMCG

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Zain Ali Mba3y02113001 Topic: logistic is a competitive edge in FMCG. (Fast moving consumer goods) Introduction: In this fast era every industry believes to have a competitive edge from others and become superior. They try to get competitive edge to survive in their business. to make more efficient and more reliable over their competitors various companies use different strategies and long term or short term plans. In this fast moving world, logistics is a also key element of competitiveness in different industries. Logistics is a process to deliver product from one place to other place. It covers all the main factor of an industry included raw material delivery to final product delivery, supplier to production house, production house to warehouse, and warehouse to distribution center to customer. It also involves time frame period, deliver the product at right place at right time also important in logistics. Using of different strategies in logistics also becomes beneficent for…show more content…
In Pakistan, Pakistani economy decreasing day by day, to recover this loss FMCG try to reduce cost on their manufacturing trough their procurement and through efficient logistics. FMCG’s firms mostly depend on logistics and delivery on time. To live, survive and grow in this industry, organizations try to maintain their logistics setup and enhance their logistics according to their work. Organization gives different advantages to logistics department and 3PL (3rd party logistics) to make logistics their competitive edge. Logistics in FMCG industry is providing help to organizations to fulfill their needs at right time and at right place and also helps to maintain relations between suppliers, manufacturer and with customer. And take information at every step and make policies and strategies to achieve the goals through

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