Explain How Managed Care Plans Contribute To Public Health Practice

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How managed care plans contribute to public health practice. This article looks at alliance between Health plans and public health agencies. They discuss how public health care plans have similar needs also may have similar needs for the expertise and clinical capacity to serve vulnerable and underserved populations. Health care plans that are in place now to assist people with having access to health care. Public health has serve under advantage people for several years. According to the article, many public health agencies provide services such as prenatal education and counseling, childhood and adult immunizations, family planning and birth control, chronic disease screening, and diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDS, and tuberculosis. According to the article many public health agencies also offer outreach and support services such as transportation, on-site child care, and home visiting that are designed to encourage appropriate use of these services. I feel that this is important to be able to offer transportation assistance and children care for some of the percipients. Health plans and public health agencies also may form alliances to gain market power. Plans potentially can attract new members by procuring services from public health agencies, I feel that alliances such as health care plans and public health are very important. These alliances can help serve people that are more likely to use public health. I fell that the affordable care act has made it possible for lots of people to access health care in this country. I feel that these alliances can help with us provide quality care for who are being serviced at public…show more content…
P., Halverson, P. K., Kaluzny, A. D., & Norton, E. C. (2001). How managed care plans contribute to public health practice. Inquiry - Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, 37(4), 389-410. Retrieved from
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