Explain How Observations Are Used: The Importance Of Observation

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1.1 Explain how observations are used: Reference- www.slideshare.net. Text book- Penny Tassoni. Laser learning. Observation is the tool that practitioners use to obtain the necessary information that helps them to plan effectively for each child. Observations are considered to be an important part while working with the children. There are number of reasons why recorded observations are required. To plan for individual children’s needs- Observations are very important when planning for children’s individual needs. While observing practitioner understand children’s needs, interests and their stage of development. Once children’s needs, interests and stage of development are recognised, practitioner can plan activities and resources accordingly. Children must be observed frequently as their needs, interests and stage of development keeps on changing. The activities given to children should be according to their current abilities which will enhance their development. Practitioner observes a specific child, and the outcome of the observation will enable practitioners to plan for that child. A practitioner may observe a child in the mark- making or writing area and notice that the child finds it difficult to hold a pencil. The practitioner would then plan activities that would develop fine motor skills, such as threading or sorting small objects.…show more content…
When a child is experiencing a transition, observation can help practitioner identify any specific situations that the child finds difficult and can work on ways to support the child. If a child is new to the setting or is going through a change in home circumstances, then practitioner will observe them to make sure they are coping with the transition. Observations will need to be carried out over a period of time because the child may be fine one day and then struggle the next

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