Explain How People Best Response To Conflict

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How people best response to conflict? Since the very beggining of civilization, of humans, of life in every single form. There has always been problems that surge between different life forms. From where to live, or expand, who is the one that gets the most food, who can live on the best house,etc. This type of problems are the most common in every day life, and they have always been solved by one same way: imposing one 's authority through violence. In spite what everyone says all conflicts can always be solved with different forms of violence. Through history, violence has always been the most common way of solving a problem. Since the very first caveman needed to decide who was the alpha male, who got the most women and food, and who should lead the hunters into battle; they always used their strength, speed, and intelligence to fight one another as a way of chosing a leader. The most important countries, kingdoms, and dynasties used them to grow, develop, and expand into different territories and impose their culture. The US used it to conqueer most of its territories, Mexico…show more content…
For someone to fight another, he has to believe in something maybe he tries to protect his country, he tries to impose his race, he tries to free others, he believes his religion is the best, he thinks your way of doing things is wrong, or whatever is that he believes in; he has to believe in something if he is willing to fight for his belief than nobody should criticize him for trying to impose his authority or way of doing things, if others believe in another thing and it is worth fighting for than he will fight for his belief as well as the others will so they will fight each other and the one with a bigger desire will win. The hope that you can win gives you strength to fight just thinking of the small posiblity will give you strength. Hope is provoked by something, by that desire of yours; and it can only be expressed with violence because it will show in your physical

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