Cujo By Anne Frank Analysis

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How people can best respond to conflicts?
By: Sheccid Alvarado Vela

Texts: Cujo by Stephen King; Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.
In this essay I will talk about how people can best respond to conflicts, it depends on how they think their attitudes, values, emotions, the situation, and how they are in life. I will talk about how the characters of these two stories react and faced their problems.

“Cujo”: is about a woman named Donna, she was trapped inside her car with her san (Tad). Donna knew that her and her son’s life was in danger because she started hearing something that was growling from inside the garaje, it was a dog, named Cujo, he was bitten by a bat and he had rabids beacuse of that. He was moving languidly from the garaje to the
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That no matter what situation you are through, you have to react and think the best way for you and the other security.

“The Diary of Anne Frank”: is about a 13 year old Girl, she and her family are Jews, and she tells, in her diary, all she and her family (The Franks) lived at that times, because they were in the World War II.
One of the things she said in her diary, is that she and her family were in danger from the Nazis in the World War II. She and her whole family were Jewish, and the Nazis were sending all the Jewish people to the concentration camps, where they can either be killed or worked until they die, they treated them worse tan animal, they didn’t receive enough food and wáter, they were separated from their families, and they were physically hurted. So the Franks had to hide from them, aand they decided to move from their house to another place.
She and her family had many problems because of the World War II, they didn’t had the same rights, they weren’t treated the same, lived with many fears because they didn’t want the Nazis to captured
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