Explain How People May Be Affected By Their Environment

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People Can Be Affected By Their Environment After Being Born A Certain Way When a newborn infant is welcomed into the world, it carries certain genetics from its mother and father. The child would have traits and characteristics that make them who they are and how they act throughout their life. They would also carry physical features that are similar to their parent’s. However, just because the genetics are transferred from one parent to a child, does not mean that the child will stay the same for the rest of their life. Children come into the world as clueless, inexperienced infants. People that are involved with their life can play key roles and alter different aspects of their appearance and personality. This can ultimately change who they are as they grow older.…show more content…
They are usually there from the moment they are born until the day they eventually move out. They are also the people they look up to as role models until they discover new people. During this time as role models, parents teach their children basic skills such as the ability to talk and walk. One thing that not all parents may know is that the way they act around their child can influence how the child grows older. For example, if a child is born with a trait such as kindness, the parents could potentially alter this trait if they seemingly fight a lot around the child. This would lead the child to think that it is fine to fight with others because their parents do
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