Explain How Professional Backgrounds Affect Communication

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A1. Communication basically means transferring information clearly from one person to another. It is the starting point of any relationship. To have a positive relationship with any person whether it is a child, a young person or an adult it is very important to have good effective communication skills. The main idea is to make the other person feel comfortable in our company and not be anxious or scared to approach us. This is only possible through good use of communication in our day to day life. This would mean not only answering the questions clearly and correctly but also approaching anyone in a calm and friendly manner if the need arises. We can only ask the children to communicate in a particular way if we are following effective communication ourselves and be a good role model to them. Any adults (parents or carers) coming to school will give us a positive support if our communication is strong. This on …show more content…

For e.g. shaking hands when you meet someone may be correct for one culture but will not be appropriate for another. Talking loudly and maintaining constant eye contact would be unsuitable for some people while in case of certain individuals not making any eye contact would be considered rude. Hence it is very important to make sure that we understand this diversity and communicate with them effectively. Different professional backgrounds also affect our relationships and the way we communicate. For e.g. a person working with in a reputable organisation may not like to have conversations in slang or incorrect language. On the other hand a person with a different professional background would actually feel comfortable when the atmosphere is less formal and he has an equal opportunity to speak and give feedback. Thus we should keep all these points in our mind to gain mutual respect and trust and build a strong relationship with

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