Explain How Relationship Building Is Important In The Work Setting

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Relationship building is an important part of working in a social environment, it is especially important when working in a team. This means all social interactions are determined by the relationship of the people involved. First impressions are very important in interactions and subsequent relationships. A positive first impression involves good communication; open body language (to show you are listening and giving that person your full attention), making sure you are positive and happy. When speaking you should consider the other person (vocabulary should be appropriate to audience), if you are speaking to a smaller child then you would maybe make yourself smaller so that you are on the same level. You should ensure that your communication…show more content…
Likewise a child with English as a second language may have to be given extra support and confidence building. Cultural differences will also affect how relationships are built and developed. Non-verbal communication would maybe be adapted according to culture. For example, eye contact may be something which some cultures find difficult as in that culture eye-contact may demonstrate aggressiveness. You would need to ensure that these cultural differences are acknowledged and to be sensitive when dealing with these issues. If a child or adult has a speech or communication impairment then this also can affect the relationships with others. Non-verbal communication may need to be put into place. In a school situation, specialist training may need to be given. Signing, or specialist communication software may need to be introduced. Again, support and sensitivity would need to be employed in order to develop positive relationships. Sensory impairment may also hamper relationships and the way they are developed. As this can be a barrier to effective communication you would need to ensure that your behaviour and communication skills are adapted to fit their needs. If you were working with a child who has ASD you would not expect to have eye contact given and you would need to adapt your communication accordingly (using visual cues or written instructions
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