Explain How Relationships Develop Better Communication Skills

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Furthermore, I believe that one who has quality relationships can develop better communication skills. Without any close relationships, it is my understanding that starting a conversation can be difficult. This does not mean that one who does not have a valuable relationship cannot communicate with others, but rather, it is more comfortable for an individual to communicate with someone close to himself or herself and these skills can be applied to help him or her communicate better with others. It is my understanding that even if one has good social skills, interactions with friends or family will help him or her develop better listening skills, and become more attentive as to what is occurring in the world around this individual. I know,…show more content…
This person would most likely feel as though nothing that he or she does is very important. Although this person may receive recognition, perhaps by a stranger, when he or she does achieve something, this is short-lived and is not the amount of recognition that is needed to be fully satisfied with his or her life choices or achievements. Suppose a university student without a healthy relationship with anyone receives an A+ on a final exam. The student would have nobody around him or her to inform him or her that he or she is doing a great job in school and should continue to study hard. I believe that without this encouragement, this student will eventually give up trying to get good grades, because what is the point in working hard if it does not matter to anybody else if this person passes or fails? Maybe having a 4.0 Grade Point Average used to matter to this student, but without having somebody to say that he or she are doing a great job, receiving high grades will not matter as much as it used to because this person will not see the value in success. For this reason, I believe that encouragement is important to help one live their life to its full

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