How Should You Prioritize Your Stakeholders Essay

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How Should You Prioritize Your Stakeholders
Working in a global organization gives us the opportunity to interact with various sorts and varieties of stakeholders, the actions we take and the projects we run will affect more and more people. The people we affect are those who can contribute to our overall growth or fail the projects. If we can prioritize correctly, they can provide industry insight, highest commitment or even powerful outcome that can help our organization achieve the goals.
To clarify, a stakeholder is any individual or group of people who will be impacted by changes resulting from the business initiative, and can influence the success of the business initiative. An organization has a variety of key groups, different group will bring different expectations due to their relationship with the organization. These differences help the organization to segment its stakeholder into groups by according to similar values and expectations.
There are four types of stakeholders that we can classify them by according to their power over the work and by their interest in work.
A. High power and high interest people
We should emphasize on this group of stakeholders. We must give full engage and make the greatest efforts to satisfy them because they are probably want more information and detail than we can provide in our project proposal
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The primary reason for us to work with this people is that they are potential and powerful people. They have the potentially to block the progress of our project. Similarly, if we work well with them, they could help us success the project. By working with this kind of stakeholders, Sufficient information or work should be given to make sure that they have all the documents and data that they want. Yet as we recognize that they are not much care so we should not send too many information to avoid they feel bored about the

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