Essay On How Sports Affect The Body

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Sports affect the body in the following ways. Sports can not only affect us physically but mentally also. “Being physically active and having a good mind state of what sport you playing can affect you”. If you're not active sports can affect your weight maintenance , you’re muscle and bone health , also the cardiorespiratory health.

The weight maintenance of the body physically. Sports help prevent weight gain, and help get rid of excess fat. Sports help you to be able to keep a healthy body and you don't gain weight. “Between 2 and half hours to 5 hours of intense sports such as football and basketball can help keep your weight stable”. The cardiorespiratory health of the body physically. Sports can help people get hearts healthier, and they can help decrease the risk of having a stroke. If you not physically active it could lead to obesity , stress , and it could raise your blood pressure. “The British Parliamentary Office Of Science and Technology have gathered together that 40 percent of death in america each year are from people who are not active.” The Muscle and Bone Health for the human body for kids. As kids get older muscle and joint strength is something you need to know. The more you are active the better it is for your bones. Your nutrition and exercise play a big part in keeping your
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“Despite all the benefits that can be gained by playing sports there are also some negative ways sports affect us.” The competitive playing of most athletes especially elite athletes there are most likely to get a injury more quickly. These athletes appear to get injured more quickly because they tend to over train. These athletes who overtrain are mainly in football. The athletes that train to hard or too much will most likely experience strained muscles and maybe blisters. However, the athletes that are most elite tend to experience torn cartilages and or even possibly broken bones. That's the negative effects on
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