The Importance Of Sports To Improve Your Health

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Playing a sport involves physically exerting yourself and competing against another team or individual for fun or for competition. In sports, when you are playing hard and pushing your limits it creates room for development. As your body develops so does all aspects of your health. This means that sports improve your mental, physical, and emotional/ social health. The first and most obvious way sports can improve your health is physically. When you are pushing your body to extremes you become more physically capable. You become stronger, faster, and a healthier weight. Being at a healthy height to weight ratio is important. This weight to height ratio is called Body Mass Index. Your BMI tells you if you are overweight, underweight, or at a good healthy weight. This is important when discussing your physical health, and playing sports and being physically active is a good way of maintaining a healthy BMI. Playing sports can also physically help you by decreasing your likelihood of diseases and other problematic things that could happen to your body. For example, exercising helps you prevent diabetes, improve cholesterol, strengthen bones, and burn calories. All of these things are necessary if you want to maintain a healthy body weight and a physically fit form. Sports can also…show more content…
Jasper Smits, who is the director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program at Southern Methodist University, and Michael Otto, psychology professor at Boston University, looked at the results of studies from students who were involved in exercise and how it affected their mental health. They discovered that exercise can help reduce depression and anxiety, and that it can be beneficial to those who lack access to normal treatments, like counseling. Smits states “After just 25 minutes, your mood improves, you are less stressed, you have more energy-- and you’ll be motivated to exercise again

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