Explain How The Brain Is The Control Centre Of The Nervous System

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The brain is the control centre for the nervous system The nervous system is split into two; -central nervous system; *brain *spinal cord -peripheral nervous system; *sensory division- informs the central nervous system of outer changes *somatic division- sends instructions of movement to different muscles *autonomic division- controls the running of inner organs -autonomic nervous system -somatic nervous system…show more content…
There are some messages that travel on a pathway of nerves until they reach your spinal cord then brain. This process allows your body to react to things instantaneously. There are 12 important systems in the body, the nervous system being one of the major ones as it controls all your functions connected to all your vital organs and muscles. In 1906 British physiologist Charles Sherrington published a book describing how the nervous system works, thus giving people a better understanding of the functioning of the human body. The nervous system has many significant functions such as direction of your movements, focusing of the eyes, pain sensory, contraction of the muscles allowing your heart to pump sending blood and oxygen to all your vital organs and removing harmful toxins. Your brain is the control centre of the body. The most largest and complex part of the brain is the cerebrum, the centre of learning. This controls the way you use language, feel emotions and think. It is divided into two sides which are connected together by nerve bundles called the corpus callosum. The left side or part controls the right side of your body where 's the right hemispheres controls the left side.The cerebellum,that lies towards the back of your brain maintains your body’s sense of balance and coordinates muscular movements with sensory information. It also regulates breathing, your breathing and other automatic
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