How The Industrial Revolution Caused The Utopian Society

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How the Industrial Revolution Caused the Utopian Society What is the Industrial Revolution? The industrial revolution began in the 1770’s in England. The Revolution consisted of the economy slowly developing and changing with the employers wanting more money and produce produced, which inspired new ideas. Machines started being invented, coal and oil soon began to power the machines, instead of humans, and working environments soon became safe. Britain began the revolution first, it then quickly spread to some of Europe, the U.S, the remaining parts of Europe, and then slowly to the “Asian Tigers” (Cite WCP). The new technology caused an uproar in production and soon bettered working conditions and pay. The machines did cause several workers to lose their jobs, for the machines could produce twice as much produce in half as much time as humans. Multiple people such as Newcomen, the Lombe brothers, Kay, Hargreaves, Arkwright, Crompton, and numerously more inventors contributed to the Revolution by inventing, regulating, and making and changing rules. The inventions brought about new ideas and people began to make communities to better the world; however, not all of the communities had the right ideas. Common people soon realized that they could change their own lives,…show more content…
Marx realized how mistreated the workers were and wanted to put a stop to the child labor. All of the acts helped ensure that the horrendous treatments were put to a stop. Marx believed that the only way to fix the negative effects caused by the industrial revolution was to get rid of capitalism all together. The U.S. then forbade people to be associated with a Marxist group by enabling the Communist Control Act of 1954. Marx understood that capitalism only benefitted the rich, he thought that with capitalism, the “rich continually got richer and the poor got poorer” SITE
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