Explain How The Mongols Were The Barbarians

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How Barbaric were the Barbarians?

The Mongols were a powerful people from what is now present day Mongolia, however what they are most notable for their horrifically violent military campaigns. During the time of the Mongol empire from 1206 to 1364 c.a., they committed many atrocities actions and throughout history they have been accused of being barbarians. However, despite their actions the Mongols were not barbarians as they exhibited an organized military, and advanced culture organized by a well developed system of laws. In contrast, to typical beliefs as what a barbarian fighting force contains, the Mongols had an efficiently trained, througholloy organized military, skilled in military tactics. The Mongols were well trained from birth, according to one source, “Mongol soldiers were superb horsemen, having spent all their lives in the saddle,” (W.H. p.332). Additionally, the stirrup, a powerful new invention, increased the natural power of the Mongols by enabling them to better defend and attack their enemies, according to one source, “Stirrups enabled a mounted warrior …show more content…

The Mongols were a fierce people highly capable and unafraid of using violence to accomplish their goals. However, they were highly organized and advanced in their fighting capabilities and after the conquest was complete they practiced tolerance. This is similar to other persons or groups in history such as Alexander the Great, the Romans, and the Muslims, who all practiced tolerance and had highly capable military powers who used advanced tactics. The era of the Mongols has important value in history. During Pax Mongolica the world saw an increase in trade and peace accompanied by a decrease in crime. This could not have occured in the Mongols were

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