Explain How The Policy And Procedure To Establish A Chain Of Custody

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Typically, when there’s evidence discovered on a crime scene, it must go through proper policy and procedure. All of this begins at the crime scene when the evidence is being disposed of. Furthermore, the evidence needs to establish a chain of custody so that it can be used in trial to convict the accused. It all comes down to maintaining a proper chain of custody because in the end, it will either make you or break you. When chain of custody is done correctly, it is proof to the court that the evidence presented in front of them is the same evidence collected from the crime scene. However, policy will in fact impact everyone involved in the case. If somewhere during the chain of custody process is done incorrectly, the suspect will surely get away with his crime because the evidence was inadmissible in court. Basically when there is a weapon, the first person to handle it would initial it. Then the supervisor would then make sure the storage is safe and secure. To complete the chain of custody, requirements have to be met. Who came into contact with it, why were the evidence being handle, and if any changes were made to the evidence or date during the time it was being handled. Before any search warrant can be issued, probable cause must be clearly established. This is so law enforcement can connect property or a thing to be searched with the commission of a specific crime.…show more content…
Once a warrant has been issued, the police go search and seize whatever they acquire during the search then the chain of custody process begins. Each piece of evidence has to be accounted for and signed. Then they take that to the evidence room in which they sign over the evidence to have it stored in a secure place. These two events are crucial in the criminal justice field because if there is an error in either of these, the evidence seized will not be admissible in court and therefore, violating rights of the

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