Explain How Theodore Roosevelt Changed The World

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When Roosevelt became president in 1901, he changed the world rapidly in many ways. Through his personality and determination, he had an extremely popular relationship with the people, and wanted to make the society more fair and equal between them. He generally believed that the government had the responsibility to take care of businesses in order for things to not negatively affect the people, showing how he wanted to help the country and the people in it. Roosevelt has always seemed like he was prepared for everything in office with his incredible leadership skills and his energy, even though the first time he became president was because another president had been killed. He’s different from many others who came before him, especially because when he set a goal he never stopped trying to achieve it. Roosevelt believed that a president should always try to take action unless not allowed by law. An example of this would be when the Union Mine Workers decided to go on a strike, and he was able to act and negotiate a compromise between them. Not only was he able to negotiate well with that situation, he was also able to keep Americans safe with convincing …show more content…

Roosevelt always did things no matter what because of his determination for things, and I think that many of the laws made would not have been passed and issues could still be happening up til this day. Roosevelt pushed for things to be done a majority of the time, and I think that there is no one out there quite like him who would take as many risks as he did. He was the type of guy to not hesitate in situations, and always tried to find ways to resolve issues in the society. Even though most president’s goals are to solve problems, Roosevelt fought for everything he believed in, whether it was right or

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