Explain How To Be Able To Support People With Sensory Loss

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People with hearing or sight loss can feel excluded from society as an individual, they may not be able to gain employment as the employer may not have the facilities to support the individual. Other people may not recognize the individual as having a disability as you may not be able to see the disability especially if they are deaf. This will lead an individual being treated with less understanding. Often caused by people being ignorant of someone with a sensory loss. This will prevent the individual from being included in society will lead to depression, low self esteem and self worth. There have been a lot of improvements to the way we support people with sensory loss by making adaptations. Example : Loop hearing systems, Large print. Talking books.…show more content…
It is important for us to learn what these are and how best to support the individuals with these sort of disabilities.There have been a number of government initiatives aimed at improving social care and support. These include : Our health our care our say. Giving the individual have a right to say and participate in their care. How much care and support they require. Work together to maintain good health, independence and give support early and helping the individual to get back on there feet. (self directed or personalisation) Putting people first : Providing an individual with choice and control over their care and support which they need to carry on with their daily living. Even basic needs like using public transport, leisure, health and education these are outside of social care but still need to be sign posted to an individual with a sensory disability. By implementing person centered care you will empower the individual give them confidence and help them to live

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