Explain How To Challenge Anti Discriminatory Practice

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When working with children and young adults, it’s important that we should challenge all cases of discrimination and take these all cases seriously no matter how small it is and make sure you deal with them as quickly and professionally as possible. The duty of the school is following the code of practice in promoting race equality which requires in monitoring and reporting all racist incidents to the in charge.
• An important thing to do when challenging discrimination is by recognising anti-discriminatory practice and making sure that we require the knowledge of the policies, practice and procedure as this will help us to feel more confident about what is a good practice and allowing us to deal with incidents more effectively when cases arise.
• It’s also important that the we have to take
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If someone is discriminated and they expect us to help them challenge it yet you fail to do so, then it can be very dangerous and can lead to a greater level demoralisation. However, it is usually an easy thing to challenge this vice. This because it occurs in different areas and thus it can only be challenged using different approaches as per the situation in which it occurs.
• In order to deal effectively with discrimination, it is very important to first understand what is right and what is wrong. The practices and procedures of challenging it especially legally should also be familiar. It is also important to learn why the discrimination has occurred because it may not be intentioned. Though you may not be able to change the way people view different things, it is very important to challenge any discrimination which they may practice.
• Whenever challenging discrimination, it is very important to tell why, whatever has being done or said is discriminatory. In addition, one should be able to tell the effect of such an action to the others so that they may understand how discriminatory it
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