Explain How To Develop A Specific Plan For A Company

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How to develop a specific plan for a company Step 1: Consider what a specific plan must contain 1. Market Plan: a written statement of a marketing strategy and the (time-related) details for carrying out the strategy, which ensures a systematic approach to developing products and services to meet and satisfy the customers’ needs. ( Most Important ) 2. Other Plans: plans to solve the existing problems or to improve the current discontented situations mentioned in the original material, such as human resource management plan(to improve the internal environment), social responsibility plan(to improve the external environment), acquisition plan(mentioned in the original material) and etc. *If we fail to delibrate on all the aspects concerned, our plan may lose at the very beginning. Step 2: Use SWOT to summarize the internal and external environments of the company and reach our conclusion…show more content…
The goals are to show where the company wants to develop and the strategy is to show how to achieve these goals. 1)The company as a whole requires an overall strategy, a strategy that plans for every functional division — research & development, procurement, production & operation, market promotion, finance, customer service, information system. Below presents the five most common corporate strategies: ·Overall Cost Leadership: Under this strategy, the company pursues the minimum production and sales costs to win larger market share with the price lower than those of the competitors. Companies following Overall Cost Leadership should be equipped with expertise in engineering management, procurement, manufacturing and entity

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