Explain How To Evaluate Leadership Requirements

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Be able to assess leadership requirements.

Task 3.1: Use appropriate methods to review current leadership requirements. Organization that is effort in the direction of achievement to have best leaders which think about and bring innovation idea in the favour of organization. So, best leaders are decision making, Planning, Competency, Mentor and Motivation are requirement to make preparation to support the organization. There are multiple leadership styles which are used as per situation.Somtimes, changing the leadership style effect organization performance thatswhy analysis the situation and respond for controlling.
There are several ways to review Leadership requirement. Some of them discuss below,
• 360 Feedback
• MBO Process

360 Feedback:
360 Feedback is a system in which employee receive unnamed, confidential feedback from team. It includes Manager,
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Task 4.1: Plan the development of leadership skills for a specific requirement.

Leadership expertises are those expertises which possess in leader to enable his influence to motivate and inspire the group to achieve the targets. Leadership skills are demonstrate honesty, enthusiasm, evaluate complex situation, result driven, problem solving and remove hindrance.
Leadership skill encompasses attitudes and behaviour which belong to humanity. Leadership is mostly concern behaviour and management mostly concern processes.

Leadership have qualities includes commitment, determination, self-confidence, intelligence, seriousness, modesty, passion, compassion and positive. Leadership use quotes to motivate and inspire the teams because great people’s quotes are affected and boost morale. There is difference between characters and skills. For example,
Characters Skills
Supportive Intelligent
Trustworthy Creative
Self-Confident Diplomatic & Tactful
Flexible to situation Speaking

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