Explain How To Improve The Recruitment And Selection Process

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There are number of ways that the managers could improve their recruitment and selection process, first of all they need to identify and define the three stages of recruitment and selection in order to understand and improve their process. The three stages of recruitment and selection can be categorised in to:
1. Defining requirements - Preparing job descriptions and specifications.
2. Attracting candidates – Reviewing and evaluating alternative sources of applicants, advertising et cetera
3. Selecting candidates – Sifting applications, interviewing, assessing candidates, offering employment.

They then must go through each stage of recruitment and selection, beginning with a job specification or person specification for the vacant position which I will set out under the following headings:
• Technical competencies - Passionate interest in geography, strong domestic and international travel
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• Qualifications and training - The manager should ideally be looking for a candidate with training relevant to a travel clerk position or a candidate with excellent academic results, ideally in English and Geography.
• Experience – Candidates with achievements in a previous workplace or organization that would be likely to predict success.
• Specific demands – Skills to persuade customers and influence their decisions, both for their own benefit and that of Top Travel.
• Special requirements – Travelling, availability to work extra or unsocial hours if needs be.
• Meeting candidate expectations – How the organization can meet the expectations of the candidate; career opportunity, training et cetera.

The second stage of recruitment and selection is attracting candidates;
First consideration should be given to internal candidates, if there are no available people in the organisation then you must search elsewhere for a
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