Explain The Stages Of The Recruitment And Selection Process

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There are number of ways that the managers could improve their recruitment and selection process, first of all they need to identify and define the three stages of recruitment and selection in order to understand and improve their process. The three stages of recruitment and selection can be categorised in to:
1. Defining requirements - Preparing job descriptions and specifications.
2. Attracting candidates – Reviewing and evaluating alternative sources of applicants, advertising et cetera
3. Selecting candidates – Sifting applications, interviewing, assessing candidates, offering employment.

They then must go through each stage of recruitment and selection, beginning with a job specification or person specification for the vacant position
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The second stage of recruitment and selection is attracting candidates;
First consideration should be given to internal candidates, if there are no available people in the organisation then you must search elsewhere for a candidate.
The favoured method of recruitment these days is online recruitment as it is efficient and inexpensive compared to other methods. An advertisement should be drawn up based on the job description that has been set out and then to contact an online recruitment site that has proven record of success in recruiting. A job seeker will see this application online, will apply and then the online recruitment software will review the application form with the minimum requirements that you have set out and will give an initial match as this process screens out the ineligible applicants to make sure the company doesn’t receive an overwhelming number of applications. The third stage of recruitment and selection is selecting candidates:
When the vacancy has had a decent number of replies received, the manager must sift the applications, the most efficient and successful way to do this is as

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