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HOW TO IMPROVE A SMALL KITCHEN It is absolutely a huge mistake if you think that kitchen is not very essential to upgrade or improve. This is where you can do the hand-made cook. Especially for women, nothing is better than having a large and convenient kitchen to create new dishes. However, it does not mean that you cannot have the same feeling if you have a small one. In this article, we will give you some tips to make your small cooking space look larger and be able to create a small dining space. 1. Make use of all free space: There are many ways to make your small kitchen look larger. With a little bit cleverness on arranging furniture, you are able to make use of the horizontal and vertical space. For example, installing some shelves…show more content…
3. Small dining space: After making use of all the vertical space as reasonable as possible, you can create a small and warm dining space. It is up to the free horizontal space to choose the most suitable size for the dining table as well as the chairs. If the free space has the square shape, a round table will be the best choice. On the contrary, if it has rectangle shape, why don’t you choose a dining table like the picture below? It not only makes use of the blank space but also create the comfort and convenience to enjoy the meal with all of your family members. Besides, another choice for you is the pull-down table which is able to pull down when you need to use and pull up if you would not like anymore. This is an awesome innovation to save the space and make it multi-functional. You can decorate the underside of the pull-down table with some pictures so that when you pull it up, it will become a beautiful frame of art. Above are some tips for you to make you small kitchen look larger. Even though it may take time to complete, the result will never be disappointing

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