Explain How To Manage Work Priorities And Professional Development

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Assessment 2 Project 1 • Prepare a 3000-word report that explains how to manage work priorities and professional development. There are many different ways to manage work priorities and professional development in the workplace. Below you will read a detailed outline of the many different ways in which you can manage your work priorities and manage your professional development in the workplace. Working on your professional development in the workplace can be done by having a positive role model in the workplace, this can help you to develop more skills. It is always good to have someone to aspire to in the workplace. Your role model should have good qualities and aspirations in the workplace. Some of these should include; desirable behaviour in the workplace, their behavious should reflect that of the businesses values. They should have good personal…show more content…
You can ask fellow employees, managers, clients or customers to give you personal feedback. Performance evaluations can be a good form of feedback in the workplace. You should ask for detailed feedback, not one worded answers, this will give you a better description of the feedback you’re receiving. As a manager in a workplace, you should be doing regular performance reviews on your employees. This is important to give you a better insight into your employees working life, working styles, and it will help you to better do your job as a manager. Every staff member is different, has different needs and different working styles and working abilities. As a manager it is important that you know these differences and seek the proper feedback from your employees regarding their current role, from there you can work out if any changes need to be made. As a manager you should also seek feedback on your own performance from others in the
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