Explain How To Prevent A Dog's Urine From Killing Grass Essay

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I am doing my engineering project on How Can I Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Grass? I was inspired to do this because my dad was always getting so mad at my dog, Daisy, for peeing on the grass. When she pees on the grass it always kills it. Now there is a bunch of brown patches of grass in my backyard. Now I want to find out why the urine kills the grass and how to prevent this.

There are three main reasons why a dog’s urine kills the grass. They are usually the alkaline urine pH, the amount of nitrogen in the urine, and the concentration of the urine. The thing about concentrated urine is that it has more particles than dilute urine affecting the grass health. Many people believe that female dogs kill more grass because they just unload all there urine in
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You should only really fertilize your lawn about four times a year. That will not always be enough to stop the urine from killing the grass. You could try planting a new species that is more resistant to the nitrogen, for example you could plant rye grass or fescue grass if you do not already have the grass. Some other things that will dilute the nitrogen in the pee are apple cider vinegar and tomato juice can dilute the pH levels in the pee. Other organic foods and liquids are usually good for diluting the nitrogen. Some things are not good for countering these things like vitamin C is not very good in this case.

Other things you can do are to look into other fertilizers that don’t have a lot of nitrogen or you could try to make your own healthy beneficial fertilizer. You could also just coat your grass with some of the substances that help dilute the nitrogen. Putting some apple cider vinegar in some natural fertilizer or to spray it on the grass could help. Dogs also eat the grass so that could also help by them digesting the apple cider vinegar lowering their pH

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