Explain How To Prevent Immigration From Your Home Country To Another

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How to prevent immigration from your home country to another?

Throughout German history emigration has been a big issue and its contributing factors have been many and varied. For example, between 1839 and 1945 there were four main reasons for Germans to immigrate into another country. One of the most significant of these was religion as many Germans felt that the government attempted to prevent them from practicing their religion, thus prompting them to emigrate to England, Russia and the USA where religious oppression was less severe. The economic situation also had a big impact on the emigration from Germany, especially in the aftermath of major wars which negatively affected the German economy. Furthermore, political reasons have too contributed to emigration from Germany with many citizens fleeing the country to avoid compulsory military conscription or to live in a democratic state. Finally , many Germans
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The usual thesis is that immigration waves come from disadvantaged countries to places where the wages are higher, the unemployment rate is lower and the economic prospects are better. But in the case of Germany these reasons are not valid, because it is a country with a stable government and economy. Therefore, in this particular case, economic opportunities are not the primary factors contributing to emigration. To understand the reasons behind emigration from Germany, it is necessary to know what kind of people emigrate to other countries. Between 2009 and 2013, 710000 citizens emigrated from Germany, of whom a high percentage were foreigners that moved back to their home country or moved to another third country. These emigrants are mainly young men and women between 18 and 30 years old and the tendency to emigrate decreases by the age. It is also significant that it is more likely to emigrate for people that have a job than unemployed or retired

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