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How to remove a bidet Bidets were introduced by the French in the first half of the 18th century. They have become very popular throughout Europe. In the United States, they are still relatively rare, but their popularity is growing steadily. A bidet is for cleaning the body and is equipped with pins that produce a gentle stream of warm and cold water to come to provide a gentle cleaning experience. Unlike a toilet, bidet astride which you are sitting, facing the taps. Since the bidet plumbed with hot and cold water, is carried out removing one a little more work than the distance of a standard toilet. Instructions • spread plastic sheeting on the floor to protect it from excess water escape from the device, as you could raise it. • Open the spigot for the bidet, so that the water flowing into the bidet.…show more content…
The water pipes If you immediately replace the bidet with another device, press and hold the lines in place, but leave them off until the new device in place. • Scrape off any mastic or sealant from the base of the bidet with the putty or utility knife • Loosen the screws that secure the bidet on the floor with the wrench. • Raise the bidet and away from his position, and move it. On the plastic film • Ask in the sewer, all gases can not escape the cloth or rag. What is a bidet A bidet or bidet is called the personal hygiene. In bidet should be able to wash the anus, genitals and feet. Just like a conventional sink has a bidet and a hot cold water connection and a sink. In the sink, the water is conducted via a drain into the sewage system. Clogged sink seat Just like in a sink or a toilet seat can also be a sink clogged. Since a bidet also has a siphon, most blockages can be found there. In order to free a clogged sink seat you need a pipe and drain cleaning cable from the Bauhaus. Bidets have in most cases drainpipe with integrated siphon. The spiral can be rid of this most simple and

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