Explain How To Understand Interpersonal Communication Techniques

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1. Understand Interpersonal Communication Techniques
1.1 Explain verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
Working within a business organisation, it is important to use verbal communication. This type of communication is effectively the messages you send through words when speaking to others, it is used in everyday life as well as non-verbal. It is important to use verbal communication effectively, the types of verbal communication are Interpersonal communication and public speaking are the two main ones.
When communicating with others, it is very important to show a positive impression using non-verbal, this can determine how your verbal communication is received by others. Non-verbal communications are things like eye contact, your posture, body movements and expressions you use when talking to others. All the actions that a customer would notice, it gives a general impression on how interested you are and if others around you are able to judge if you are interested or listening to them. Lack of non-verbal communication can give the customer a bad impression of you.
1.2 Describe
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Different cultures shouldn’t come between the communications of people as everyone is equally the same. However everyone perceives things in different ways, especially when it comes to communicating. Many other cultures can misunderstand the context of a message they may receive, it could be perceived in a positive or a negative way. Some words and expressions we use in this country can have a very different meaning in another culture. This is where you need to be careful when communicating with cultural differences. It creates an impact on interpersonal communication because often some business deals between different cultures can effectively be lost. This is due to the company or person not spending the time to get to know the customers '
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