Explain How Walmart Has Changed The World

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Walmart has changed the world greatly. Walmart has grown tremendously since it first opened in 1962. More than 8,500 Walmarts have been built since 1962. It has employed roughly 2.1 million people since opened. Sam Walton has changed the world with his invention of Walmart. He has always said that “If you sell stuff less, you sell more, and you make more money”(Goldman). His business came a long way from Ben Franklin store to Walmart. One reason why Walmart has impacted the world is because of how many jobs it has given the world. Walmart has given 2.1 million jobs to earth (Goldman). Walmart has given people jobs all over the world, because of how popular it has gotten and how much Walmart 's company has grown. In the article “Walmart to…show more content…
Shoppers save more than 5% on shopping at Walmart (Charles). Not only it attracts shoppers, walmart make money from it. Just like Sam Walton said “If you sell stuff less, you sell more, you make more” (Goldman). Sam was right because of how much success he has had. On average 200 million people visit Walmart every week (Goldman). Walmart has successfully made money and made people happy. A lot of stores can not do that because they either make their stuff too expensive or they have their stuff too cheap and run out of business. Walmart 's stuff cheap, but it does not mean this stuff is bad. Walmart 's sells organic food for cheap prices too (Charles). People that run on minimum wage can actually afford to buy organic, natural food and medicine and stuff without struggling to pay their house bill. Galloway writes “By saving money by shopping at Wal-Mart, a family keeps more of their 'freedom chips ' and is therefore enabled to spend that extra money in ways that enrich their lives"(Morris). The quote right here says a bunch. Money chips are referred as shoppers money. If a shopper has spends money at walmart they will save more and came the money the shopper saved and get to spend their money however the shopper wants.This is the second way Walmart has impact the world and shoppers that shop…show more content…
Walmart is not perfect either, they have some cons base on the article “Wal-Mart, pro and con”. Morris says that the workers get mistreated and should get paid more(Morris). Walmart also spends 1billion dollars to get their word out. Walmart has a lot of money, why can’t they pay their employees more? Walmart does not have to pay a fortune to get the word out. Everybody knows about the everyday low prices. They should pay the workers a lot more than they are right now. No workers should get mistreated during work. Another con about Walmart 's that they “are putting to death all of the small business in the world”. While the Walmart company gets bigger, smaller business vanish and run out of business. Shoppers think they are getting a good deal on extremely cheap price, but it actually makes our taxes higher(morris). Walmart makes them look flawless and make everyone else look like crap. But in reality they are not. They got just as many flaws as any other store has. This is how Walmart changes
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