Explain Money Is Not The Only Motivator In Life

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Money is not the only motivator in work. Success is a better and a stronger motivator than money. Money can 't buy everything we need and want. There are too many things that money can 't buy such as manners, morals, intelligence and class. It also can 't buy happiness and health. It can 't create love and peace. It just only can buy for us only food, clothes, jewelers, but with success we can achieve and get everything we need and want in our life. Money is not everything in life. Money is a main factor for too many crimes in our society. It can cause a person heart attack and too many other diseases. Money creates envy and hatred among people. A rich man is nothing in front a successful man. Money can 't buy happiness but it can buy a good form of misery. If you work only for money you 'll never have anything but if you work for success you 'll have everything. Money is not the only and best motivator at work. There is an abundant proof that money may not be one of the best techniques to motivate people. Indeed, it may be one of the worst techniques for motivation. The most successful managers stated that their basic motivation has been built for something enduring not just to make money. Enormous skillful directors such as Marvin Brower and too many famous leaders stated that their inspiration came from work, and the enduring esteem of others was much greater than the money they achieved. Money is a side product not a main motivator for the true successful

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